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  3d map demo #1

Post count: 4
Registered: 14.07.2014
19:01 15.12.2015
Please have a look at my video demonstrating html5/javascript Ulite maps... I know it's unlikely Uli will add features to the game at this late stage. However, I'd be happy to upload everything to github for other alliances to use if someone did manage to convince Uli to supply the alliance territorial system colour highlight somewhere in the publicly available Ulite pages (sysinfo.php or entfinfo.php). Ideally, using the same logic used to colour systems on the current Ulite maps. I'm collecting data from only the "Distance List" and "System Info" pages at the moment. That doesn't give me any territorial station colouring. Here you can see how the data is collected... Alternatively, a JSON format web service version of the system maps, including coordinates and colours would be even better! ;)


Post count: 91
Registered: 24.03.2011
20:16 15.12.2015
Looks awesome, would be nice if it could be integrated into ulite.